Flavours of the forest

Did you know that meadowsweet contains the same salicylic acid as aspirin? Or that candy cap mushrooms are deliciously fragrant like curry powder? Birch sap is good for your teeth and acts as a diuretic, blackcurrant and raspberry leaves cleanse and calm your mind and body – the Finnish forest is a symphony of flavours and health-promoting plants.

Now those powerful flavours of the forest are available at the Metsä cafe/bar.

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Seasonal menu

We bring mushrooms, berries, wild herbs and seasonal vegetables together in new, refreshing way. New flavours from the Finnish nature will be served for you in a unique setting.

More inspiration for cooking from wild mushrooms and herbs at home can be found from the cookbooks sold in our store, offering important insights for all the wild food enthustiatics.

Metsä cafe/bar is open during the store opening hours.

Riikka Hakala

Metsä cafe/bar menu includes Finnish forest delicacies such as mushrooms, berries and seasonal vegetables in various forms - simple and clean Finnish ingredients and unpretentious taste experiences. Four seasons allows us to bring a variety of different worlds of flavors to the menu. Healthy food includes clean, vegan and gluten-free options.

Our food choices are always made without compromising the taste. Riikka has a heart full of the magic of the forest, she is always happy to listen to the wishes and feedback of customers. She also has the responsibility issues in her DNA, so jumping into the Metsä/Skogen team was a natural choice on Riikka’s career path.

“I am inspired by people and nature. I want to develop a food concept that combines both a forest experience and respect for nature. I hope to get both wishes and feedback from customers so that we can create taste experiences that leave you feeling good. Health-promoting organic food is a growing trend in the world, but these values have been in my heart for a long time ”.

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We bring mushrooms, berries, wild herbs and seasonal vegetables together in new, refreshing way. Metsä cafe/bar offers new flavours from the Finnish nature. Book the restaurant and you will get our undivided attention.